Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mystic for the Modern Age

Venerable Maria Celeste Crostarosa
1696 - 1755
Foundress - Order of the Most Holy Redeemer
Redemptoristine Nuns
To teach is to learn. That has been my experience as an educator and now as a contemplative nun. Today it is not the characteristics of the novel or a mathematical formula in question but the mystical inspiration of the foundress of our Order, Maria Celeste Crostarosa. She left a formidable written corpus, deeply mystical and inspiring. It has been a grace to work closely with this material in preparation for some teaching at our monastery in Dublin, Ireland for which I depart tomorrow.

Hope to do some posting to this blog while I am away. The icon here was written by one of the sisters in the Dublin community. It graces the cover of a new book about our foundress. To read more on this blog about Maria Celeste use the search box and type in Ven. Maria Celeste Crostarosa.