Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nuns Renew Vows

"Little Christmas"
Twenty-fifth of Each Month a Feast of the Incarnation
and a
Time for Renewal of Vows

Loving Father, you have called me to be a living

memorial of Christ the Redeemer, to be a clear

and radiant witness of your love,

a constant reminder of all that you have

accomplished through His Paschal Mystery,

in the Spirit, in your plan of love for the salvation

of the world.

To perfect in myself this union with

Christ my Redeemer, begun in Baptism,

to confirm my commitment to follow Him faithful

and generously in His redeeming love,

I renew my vows of Poverty, Chastitty

and Obedience, in the Church and for the

redemption of humanity.

I trust in your mercy, Father, and in the

maternal help of Mary, Mother of Jesus

and my mother,

to remain faithful to my covenant.

Is a good thing for contemplative nuns to have regular occasions to ask themselves, "Why am I here?" Redemptoristine spirituality is very incarnational; it celebrates in a particular way the mystery of God taking on our flesh, "to be in all things like us". In turn we are to open ourselves up to the grace of God which can mysteriously make its way into our beings and transform us into "living memories of Jesus Christ. " On the twenty-fifth of each month we ask ourselves that all important question and focus once again on the call "to be a living memorial of Christ the Redeemer...a clear and radiant witness of his love."

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Mema said...

Really nice to hear of this practise again.
Ever since I was a little tot, I was taught to bring out the little crib with the baby in it, put it on the doiley covered table with a lit votive and a small flower for theday of the 25th on each month. Then I sang a song to Him aand renewed my act of consecration.
Don't you just love it.