Sunday, February 25, 2007

Celebrating "Little Christmas" - Renewing Vows

In the monthly round we come once again to the feast customary in our Order on the 25th of each month, "Little Christmas." It is the occasion on which we celebrate the great comfort and the unbelievable love of God who came into our midst and became one of us; who was like us in all things except sin. We will renew our solemn vows today at Mass where we will be joined by a large Filipino family commemorating the death of a loved one and also a group of Marist Brothers from their house of prayer and retreat center nearby. We hope that by our renewal of vows we will be witnessing to the focus of our lives and by that gesture affirm those sharing the Eucharist Feast with us in their own promises and commitments.

The words of Pope John Paul II resonate with me in the midst of the daily with its challenges and failures. His invitation to remember the immediacy of the call and the initial fervor of the response encourages me to "pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again."

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