Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spring Springing

Wish it weren't so difficult to get photos up on the blog. Blogger defies placing them in an artistic fashion. Just hope they are enjoyed and communicate something of the great beauty washing over us here in the Hudson River Valley. As I write, these photos are moving on the 'page' in unanticipated ways. Such fun!

It is the fortunate contemplative nun who has such views surrounding her monastery. Our monastery shares acres and acres with Mount St. Alphonsus Retreat Center, formerly a Redemptoristist seminary (1907-1985). A short downhill walk can bring you to the banks of the beautiful Hudson River where we can find nesting Canadian geese, patient fishermen sounding the river, kayakers paddling along, and sail boats so lovely they take your breath away. I often think of the Hudson River School of painters who were enchanted with this scenic geography. This morning's sunrise was suitable subject for oils on canvas as is the chiaroscuro vision in morning mist.

Comments Indicate Much Interest in Contemplative Nuns

While I have not been innundated with responses to the inquires I made last week, I have been gratified by those answers. Apparantly there is a great deal of interest in our life, in prayer, and also in my personal story which seems quite a curiosity. Reading a post I put up back in March - remarks at my Solemn Profession in 2006 - will give you an idea of how miraculous it is that I am here at all. I plan to give attention to providing some answers to the questions posed. There was also some interest in what exactly is the Liturgy of the Hours. Stay tuned.

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