Thursday, October 18, 2007


Benjamin wearing pumpkin hat knitted by Nonna supported by Daddy and Nicholas enjoying his prize. He finally settled on a mushroom-shaped pumpkin.

Pumpkin patch time was fun for the grandchildren last weekend. A bit of final fling as the next day would be their first in day care. My daughter-in-law considers herself fortunate to have been able to fend off financial reality for almost four years. She once told me she always wanted to be a 'stay-at-home Mom'. But the time had come for her to join the ranks of working mothers who must entrust their little ones to others for day to day care. Seems to have worked out well for both children. Nicholas enjoyed his new friends. Benjamin, only ten months old, needed a bit more time but is a happy baby and content in most situations. Nonna (that's me) was very relieved to hear about a smooth transition.

Meanwhile, back at the monastery we are busy dealing with the day to day and getting ready for our Regional Meeting. More news about our Redemptoristine confab will follow. It will be a source of great to joy to have twenty-five contemplative nuns from five Redemptoristine monasteries praying together in our chapel.

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