Friday, December 28, 2007

A Christmas Octave Meditation from the Foundress of Contemplative Nuns

Maria Celeste

This excerpt illustrates the depth and familiarity of Maria Celeste's relationship with her spouse, her one true love. It also illustrates her ability to relate to the experiences of others and to use her perceptions and feelings in imaginative ways to assist her progress on the spiritual way.

Consider how the devout shepherds bear along with them a sacred longing by which they found the one for whom they longed. Jesus allows Himself to be found by them. They adore and embrace Him. He enlightens them, consoles and sanctifies them. Oh, happy souls to have believed in the Lord's word. You have hoped and longed to find God and you deserve to be consoled. Pray that I may have a living faith and an unswerving hope in God, as well as a warm love. I am truly unfortunate to be stuck in my own misery. I do not move ahead; I am fearful; I do not trust God. I am not trying to find the One who can sanctify me. Happy are your eyes, blessed shepherds! You deserve to see God born into the world! Take me along with you, and just as you never stopped until you found your unique God, make me never stop, until my life is spent in the path of perfection and holy virtue...until I succeed in possessing the loving God of my heart. In this I resolve for the future, never to willingly dwell on any care that is not concerned with God or for God. I do not want to desire anything but my Jesus, my one and only love.

Advent and Christmas Meditations of Maria Celeste Crostarosa

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