Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kudos and Awards

Arte y Pico Blog Award

The extent to which blogging puts you in touch with the world is astonishing, especially when you have withdrawn to a rather hidden place, living a very small life in terms of miles traveled and people met.

Blogging changes all of that is very surprising ways. One of these surprises has been repeated and encouraging comments from a reader in Jerusalem! Dina is an archaeologist, gifted in expressing her Jewish heritage but very well-versed in things Christian and very open to spirituality across the spectrum of faith and of culture. Her blog, Jerusalem Hills is a joy to behold at The photography is tops but, in addition, you really get a sense of the city, its environs and current political experience.

Dina recently presented ARTE y PICO awards to five of her favorite blogs. Contemplative Horizon was one of her five choices. Here is how the award works:

1. Recipients must pick 5 blogs they consider deserving of this award for creativity, design, interesting material, and for contributing to the blogging community in whatever language.

2. Each of the 5 selected blogs must include the name of the author and a link to his/her site to be visited by readers.

3. The recipient must show the award and indicate the name and link to the blog of the one that handed it to him/her.

4. All award recipients must include a link to the Arte y Pico site to inform all readers about the origin of this award.The best part of receiving an award is the opportunity to pass it on, to play matchmaker between you and some of my favorite bloggers.

My five awards go to (Do I hear a drum roll?):

A Nun's Life by Sister Julie, IHM. A refreshing look at apostolic religious life in the USA. Attractive, informative and very well done.

Homilies by Rev. Thomas Travers, CSsR. Fr. Tom is an exceptional homilist - funny, practical, insightful, faith-filled and theologically on the mark. He often shares from his vast experience as a Redemptorist missionary. His compassion and commitment to serving the poorest of the poor are evident.

Notes from Still Song Hermitage by Sr. Laurel, a hermit in the Benedictine Camaldolese tradition bound by vows in her diocese. This is a recent discovery of mine and very welcome because I am much drawn to Camaldolese spirituality. The spirituality of the hermit living in a community has helped me to come to grips with the realities of being an extroverted personality in a contemplative community. I am drawn to the hermitage of the heart.

Lazy Gal Quilting by Tonya, an American living in Paris who has been quilting for twenty years. This site is also a recent discovery. Impressed by the liveliness and use of color in Tonya's creations. Her imagination sparks mine. The photography is super, especially for lovers of Paris, quilts and cats. Like the French influence on this artist and her sharing.

Reflections by the Bay by Father Andrew Costello, CSsR. This is yet another homily blog and another that you may find refreshing and inspirational - new takes on perennial issues of faith, Christian life and discipleship. Fr. Andy has a great sense of humor too. Some don't get it but others surely will.

I urge you to check out these blogs. Our world is expanding all the time.


Kim said...

I've enjoyed exploring your blog for the first time today, Sister Laurel. I'll definitely return.

About the "Reflections by the Bay" link: I think perhaps there's an error? Reads like two immature people abusing each other.

Contemplative Woman said...

Kim, thanks for reading and commenting but especially for the 'heads up' about incorrect blog address. Believe it is OK now. Enjoy.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

you are very sweet. so glad you enjoy the blog. thanks.

Kim said...

Contemplative Woman:

I've checked out the corrected link and it's great.

Sorry for calling you Sr. Laurel! That's what happens to me when I spend too much time online -- confusion.

Hope you and your community have a blessed day.


Dina said...

Thanks for these five links. It will be interesting to go over and have a read.

Sister Laurel M. O'Neal said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for the "award"! I only learned about it by accident though. Am I supposed to do something more? (I need to read those requirements again!). Unfortunately I don't get to read many blogs, but I will be happy to include a link to yours on my own. Again, thanks!

Sister Laurel
Stillsong Hermitage
Diocese of Oakland