Sunday, September 21, 2008

Monastery Notes - A Potpourri

1. Our Associates

On the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, ten of our lay associates renewed their commitment and two made their commitment for the first time. We were honored by the presence of Father Philip Dabney, CSsR. In the morning Father Philip offered a wonderful reflection entitled "Living the Graced Life Through Relationship." Later he was presider at the mass during which the associates made their pledge. Father Dabney would be grateful for your prayers as he leaves the position of Vocation Director for the Congregation and begins ministry at Mother of Perpetual Help (The Mission Church) in Boston, Massachusetts.

Our Associates meet once a month (1:30pm every second Sunday) to share faith and stories, to received prepared input from one of their members or a sister of our community. Although they are not contemplative nuns, their strive to live our charism in their own lives as mothers, grandmothers, workers and citizens. We are also very grateful for the encouragement and support they provide for us.

2. What's Current?

We are in the middle of our annual 'leisure week', a time when we suspend the normal schedule and enjoy doing some 'touristy' things together. Yesterday, three of us attended a Vespers Service at the nearby Episcopal Monastery of Holy Cross. The content of the Vespers included a Bach Cantata sung by an extraordinary choral group, Kairos, a piece by Archangelo Corelli offered by astounding violin, cello and harpsichord. The Bach (translations of the German provided) was a meditation on death. We were moved and enchanted.

The day before I drove three sisters to the motherhouse of the Sisters of St, Joseph of Brentwood (Long Island) where they visited with old friends. One of our sisters was formerly a member of that community. I had the privilege of visiting with the sister who taught my CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) class in eighth grade! She will celebrated her ninety-fifth birthday next month. Her blindness is a great cross since reading was her constant pass time. To be with her is an inspiration.

These days I am also continuing to develop our new website. Things are going well but the 'proof of the pudding' will be a smooth transition to the Internet. Stay tuned for an announcement of its launch.

3. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa!

As some of you have undoubtedly noted I am terrible at proof reading. I am often so enthusiastic about posting that this step in the process gets short shrift. Mea culpa! This is especially unfortunate these days now that you can subscribe to this blog. When I post a poorly edited piece you get it automatically. I am trying to remember to be more thoughtful about the process. By going directly to the blog itself, you will, I hope, find a properly edited version. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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