Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Finally - The End of Campaign Season

Get Out and Vote

It has been a long campaign season, many say much too long. I would have to agree. Just want to add my two cents worth and say that all of us have to get out and exercise our civic duty to vote. It is a precious right.

Here in our contemplative monastery, our prioress suggested that we have a novena before election day in which we pray for the selection of good leadership in all the countries of the world. So we have added Sr. Joan Chittister's Prayer for Leadership to our Office of Evening Prayer.

I have been fine tuning our new website The learning curve is steep when you have to talk about dedicated IPs and meta tags! Yikes! Who'd a thunk it? But I do make progress, however slow. Do check out the site and pass on your comments.

Talking about comments - it has become a lot easier to post comments to this blog. Just click on the word "Comments" below any post and the next screen will give you a straight forward opportunity to write in your contribution.

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