Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gifts in Community

Tonight Sr. Moira presented a gift to us. Her gift for liturgical dance and movement was placed at the service of the Divine Office where, instead of the usual hymn, she presented dramatic movement as accompaniment to the

Marian song Breath of Heaven as sung by Amy Grant. Both the song and Sr. Moira’s dramatic movement portray Mary’s prayer for the strength of the Spirit to be poured out upon her as she contemplates the mystery of the Annunciation. The music and dramatic movement combine to bring Mary’s awesome quandary into our understanding. It is also awesome to consider how the portrayal of Mary’s emotions and her plea is the product of Sr. Moira’s own deep contemplation.

And yesterday, Sr. Maria Linda, a Redemptoristine visitor to our monastery, presented me with the product of her talent at needlework. Not only is Sr. Maria Linda a skilled dressmaker, she can also tat. Now tatting is a finger art that one rarely sees these days, especially in a younger person. Although born in the Philippines, Sister spent many years in Italy where she learned the art from an older nun who believed that idle hands were the devil’s workshop. This little collar was given to me so that I could send it as a baptismal gift to the newborn grand-daughter of a very dear friend. I am so grateful. Sr. Maria Linda tells me that I am not too old to learn how to make this exquisite lace. Wonder if I should test her judgement.

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Theresa Mohoney said...

Thank you for reminding me about Letting Go and Letting God!

I also have to remember to take a deep breath now and then…and I think I’ll start talking to Saint Monica! I can always use some motherly guidance!

Great blog!