Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Holy Season of Lent

Re-orientation Time

An image that speaks to me of the Ash Wednesday commission is that of the Sargent of a squadron of parade marchers shouting the command, "Eyes Right!" There was probably a lot of that during the parade following the recent Presidential Inauguration. It is a call to re-orient, to shift focus and pay tribute to the one being honored. The image conjures up some questions for self-examination: In what direction has my attention wandered? Am I attentive only to what is right in front of me in my own little world? What kind of effort might I have to make to orient myself to another reality? To whom am I being called to pay homage?

For the next five days some men and women will participate in an online directed retreat focusing on Vocation Discernment, what God's call to them might be at this time in their lives. Each is trying to determine the directive for their re-orientation and answer the question, "Where shall my focus be?" This retreat is being sponsored by the Vocation Office of the Archdiocese of New York and is the combined effort of the director, Sr. Deanna Sabetta, and many vocation directors of various religious congregations and orders. We will provide the spiritual direction for these participants via e-mail.

You might find the daily meditations and reflection questions challenging. Here is the link:

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