Monday, July 13, 2009

New Blog Link

"Monastic and Liturgical"

While checking my 'hits and visits' statistics at Blogpatrol today, I discovered that Scott Knitter, another blogger about things monastic, has feeds to some things published here in the side bar of his blog. Turn about is fair play so I have decided to add Scott's blog "Monastic and Liturgical" to my links list on this page. His blog focuses on things monastic and liturgical in the Benedictine, Anglican, Episcopalian and Catholic traditions. I have a feeling that Scoot Knitter and I have mutual friends at Holy Cross Monastery (a male Anglican community) just a few miles down the road from us here in Esopus, New York.

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Scott said...

Wonderful, Sr. Hildegard! Thank you so much! A parish friend is an associate of the OHC in West Park, but I haven't had the pleasure of making a retreat there yet and meeting the OHC monks.

You're inspiring me to get back to blogging more often! Your blog is beautiful. Really like the photo next to this post. Very glad to meet you, and hope to keep in touch.