Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Lord is Close at Hand...

The day is drawing near. Yesterday, during the long drive home from the funeral of a Redemptoristine sister who died in Canada, we listened to a wonderful recording of Handel's "Messiah." The oratorio is narrated completely by the words of Holy Scripture. It is the story of the Messiah's life; how He came forth from the Father out of love; how he was born of simple woman, lived with suffering and rejection, came to a tortured death and yet rose victorious. Handel presents him as truly the King of Kings. The "O Antiphon" for today pronounces Jesus the "King of all nations" and ends with the appeal, "Come make us one in you." We know too well the cause of our divisions, the cause of suffering, war, famine and disease. May we become one in the God who is Love.

Scripture Readings: Psalm 47:3
                               Isaiah 9:5-6
Draeing by Sr. Moira Quinn, OSsR


Fr. Joseph said...

I knew your Sisters in fort Erie quite well at one time but have lost touch the last number of years ... I would like to know which one died so that I may offer Mass for her.

Sr. Hildegard said...

Sr. Angela Liota died on Dec. 17. Her funeral Mass at St. Joseph's in Stevensville was beautiful - presider Bishop Wingel, hommilist Fr. Michael Brehl, newly ellected Father General of the Redemptorist Congregation. Thanks you for offering a Mass.