Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti - Redemptorists Accepting Donations

The Already Suffering

If we may use it as metaphor, Haiti can be described as the 'suffering heart of Jesus' in the world. In the past I have spoken of Tracy Kidder's book, Mountains Beyond Mountains. It is about Paul Farmer's incredible medical mission in the Republic of Haiti. It was my introduction to the dire poverty of the country.

Today the country has spiraled into an even deeper state of need for humanitarian assistance. I have just sent an e-mail message to our monastery in Cap-Haitien, about 70 miles north of Port-au-Prince. We hope that they will be able to respond. These contemplative nuns have always tried to be as responsive as possible to the endless need of those around them. In turn, we have tried to help them as we could.

The Redemptorist Baltimore Province has a long history of reaching out to the Redemptorists headquartered in Port-au-Prince. At this time they are receiving monetary contributions which will be funneled directly to Hait via their website where an on-line donation form is available. The Redemptorists eagerly await news of their confreres in the capital city and also of the family of one of their seminarians who is from Haiti.

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Jane OBrien said...

I think we all look at disasters like this through the eyes of family, friends, or any connections we have with where it is happening. Thank you for sharing yours and making it more real for those of us who don't personally know anyone in Haiti right now.