Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Spiritual Art of Writing Icons

Icon Retreat/Workshop
Offered at Mt. Alvernia Retreat Center
July 25-31, 2010

Three years ago I participated in the annual Icon Retreat/Workshop offered at Mt. Alvernia in Wappinger Falls, NY. It was an unforgetable experience; both spiritually and creatively enriching. The icon above was written by Sandra Hofstead, teacher of the art of icon writing and spiritual leader of this retreat/workshop. I will have the great blessing of writing another icon at the workshop this July.  The process of creating an icon is described as "writing" because icons are set expostions of Christian theology and dogma. They teach in an even more masterful way what stained glass windows taught to the illiterate masses in an earlier time.
When I have shared my workshop icon of the Holy Face (above right) with friends or displayed it here in the monastery, many have expressed their desire for such and experience. So I am passing along this information to those who may consider this experience a blessing too. Mt. Alvernia Retreat Center is now accepting registration. Their telephone number is 845-297-5706, Ext. 12.

This is a photo of the community in the Redemptoristine Monastery in Dublin, Ireland. Icon writing workshops are given regularly in their retreat house. The sisters have, one by one, been participating in those workshops and becoming more and more proficient in the work for paryfully writing icons.

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