Friday, May 21, 2010

Memories of Strawberry Picking

The new header above is an sign of the season - strawberry picking season will arrive in a few weeks. My son Matthew, whose art has appeared elsewhere on this blog, was inspired to create a memory piece for a magazine featuring local food producers and restaurants. Beneath the piece (what appears above is a detail) he wrote, "When picking strawberries as a child at The Greig Farm in Red Hook, New York, I was always worried that they would wiegh me on the way out and realize that I ate more that I picked." Matt probably also remembers how after picking strawberries on our hands and knees we would walk over to the pea patch to bend our backs for luscious edible pod sugar peas. I never had it in my heart to cook them. Eating them raw was such a pleasure. Two great fruits of the earth coming into season at the same time.

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