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Listen to a Broadcast Interview of This Blogger

A Nun's Life Ministry
Catholic Sisters
and Nuns
in Today’s World

That's the title of the interactive website supported by the great congregation of the Sister Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Monroe, Michigan. My friends at A Nun's Life, Sisters Julie and Maxine describe their site in this way:

"A Nun’s Life Ministry is founded on the belief that each person is called by God to a vocation that enriches the individual and benefits the world. A Nun’s Life helps people discover and grow in their vocation, that is, their life’s calling, by engaging questions about God, faith, and religious life."

As a contemplative nun and as the vocation director for our communnuty I have been a staunch fan and constant admirer of the site from its infancy. I have watched in amazement as the technical sophistication and offerings for vocation discerners have been expanded.

On February 4th of this year I fielded questions along with Sisters Julie and Maxine during their weekly Friday evening hour long interactive podcast. I sat at my computer watching the typed conversation with participants appear on my screen and was able to type in my comments AND, at the same time, I was on the phone with my voice going out to all who were tuned into the podcast. It just blows your mind!

Should you have some time to listen to  three sisters responding to the questions of young women regarding religious life you can hear the archived program by using the following link. Comments would be appreciated.

Friday, February 4, 2011

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