Friday, September 07, 2012

Community Update

Where Do We Find

Ourselves Now

Current Status of

Redemptoristine Nuns

     We are well and comfortably settled in here at West Park. But it is not our home. Scroll down to see recent photos and slide show. Regret to report that there is no future home on the horizon.
     The cast has been removed from Sr. Lydia's broken leg but she cannot put any weight on her leg for 3 more weeks. She wears a bulky protective boot. Sr. Mary Anne is fully recovered from her bout with shingles. Sr. Mary, our hard core prayer, is slowing down but is as loving as ever.
     We are winding up the heaviest portion of the cape production season. In July we produced 6 Redemptorists habits in two weeks. Quite a marathon.
     A great deal of positive feeling and encouragement came with Sr. Maria Linda's profession of solemn vows in August.
     With the arrival of Labor Day we decided to resume our ordinary schedule of daily prayer (Liturgy of the Hours). We had modified it so that we could recuperate from the work of the move and the ongoing task of adjusting to our new situation. Never the less through the summer we checked out at least 20 different prospective buildings, 8 in just the last 3 weeks. We look ahead now to further and very deep discernment of our future. Meetings are planned and then our 10 day community retreat in October. Please believe that we count on the support of your prayers. We are grateful to our many friends who offer assistance and relief when ever they can. We are also grateful to Fr. Thomas Travers and Fr. Thomas Deely, CSsR for celebrating Mass with us daily. As so many of you know, a bit of deprivation goes a long way and makes one so much more grateful for the blessings we receive daily. May we remain grateful and rest in joyful hope.

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