Saturday, December 22, 2012

Redemptoristine Nuns
of New York
Announce Their New
In 2008 our contemplative monastic community lauched its first website. It was a home grown effort. Last year we began to dream of a new site , one with some bells and whistles, that we allow us to more effectively communicate who we are, our role in the Church, and the goal of our charism which is to become "Living Memories" of Jesus, our Redeemer.
The new site offers all of the things you are used to plus slide shows, a blog to which you can subscribe, a reading room for access to PDF documents of talks and articles by Redemptoristines as well as translations of the writings of Maria Celeste, and on-line comments option and vocation questionnaire.
Please visit the site, explore it and linger there.

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