Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A Shift in Gears for 2013

Contemplative Horizon:
New Look, New Focus

It took a year to accomplish but the Redemptoristine Nuns of New York have launched a new website containing a new blog dedicated to all things Redemptoristine. You can subscribe to it just by typing your e-mail address into the box at the right hand side of the page. Explore the rest of the site and its many new features. Add it to your favorites.

The creation of the RedNuns.org Blog allows this blogger to pursue a new editorial policy for publishing to Contemplative Horizon. It will allow pure personal fancy in writing and choice of posts.

Contemplative Horizon was created at the very beginning of blogging in an offort to provide a way for others to share in Redemptoristine contemplative spirituality and the ways of monastic life. Along the way a variety of other topics were also served - needlework, family stories, etc. but things Redemptoristine had to take pride of place. With the advent of a new community website containing a blog  this personal blog can go farther a field.
So here we go with a picture of some of my family. Have the kids grown or what? Bejamin is 6 and Nicholas is 9. Kim and Jonathan will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary in 2013.

L to R: Andrew (#3 son), Jonathan (#1 son),
Benjamin, Kim, Nicholas

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