Sunday, August 18, 2013

Catching Up Again

View of pond and Mt. Beacon
from the front of the monastery
         Seems I spend much too much time   offering apologies on this blog, especially for not having written a post in such a long time. Seeing that my last post has a February date and thinking how I can fill in the gap is very daunting. So much has happened in these few months. The following is just and over view and will be written about in greater detail in posts to come.
April 17 - My father Helmut Eric Nimke died after one week in Kaplan Hospice Residence in Newburgh, New York. Both my sister and I were with him.
April 25 - Carmelite Nuns of Beacon, New York (a contemplative monastic community) extended an invitation for my community to share their monastery.
April 28 - My family begins the arduous work of clearing out my parents' home.

June 11 - Three of the sisters in my community moved to Meadowview Assisted Living at Wartburg continuing care retirement community in Mt. Vernon, NY
June 24 - Six sisters of my community moved lock, stock and barrel into the Monastery of the Incarnation, Beacon, NY.
July 14 - My mother hospitalized with pneumonia. This is followed by 3-week stay in nearby nursing home.
August 18 - Mom is returned to assisted living facility, The Promenade, Tuxedo, NY.
That is a very spare overview which allows lots of room for your imagination to conjure what was involved and required each step of the way.
As a means of providing our community story to all in our international Order I prepared an article detailing the entire saga. That will the next post to this blog.

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