Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Voting, Your Right

Register to Vote

Much on my mind these last weeks has been how I might speak out concerning the current political climate in our country - it is a situation that seriously threatens our system of government and constitutional democracy. There is historical record of the disastrous consequences which can come to pass when citizens have not spoken out due to the mistaken judgement that "surely this aberration will go away". That is magical thinking.

ALL OF US MUST VOTE IN THE NEXT ELECTION. Registered voters who declare themselves for a particular party can vote in the NY State Primary Election on April 19. You must be registered by March 25 - this coming Friday - in order to vote in the primary. Applications mailed in must be postmarked by midnight on the 25th. You can register on line at https://www.pdffiller.com/6963321-v... can also register via the Department of Motor Vehicles Website.

My appeal is that you exercise your right to vote. Many, many have died to protect your right to do so in a free and democratic society. Do not dismiss the meaning of their sacrifice.

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