Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Tone of Compassionate Capitalism

Meeting with The Nuns on the Bus last Sunday was the best lead into experiencing the Democratic National Convention. It was so much easier to connect with the determination of Bernie Sanders supporters knowing more of the import of the platform about which they are so passionate. The group of women, mostly women religious, who turned out to caucus with The Nuns work where the rubber hits the road; with the homeless, hungry, undereducated, hungry, mentally ill, physically abused, undocumented, uninsured, the rejected and underserved in our country.

 Sr. Simone Campbell led us through thought provoking and substantive table discussion and reporting to the larger group. Her last request was that we describe what things would look like if all these issues of justice, equality and opportunity were remedied. Here is a partial list of the responses:

* immigrants would not longer be perceived as "societal takers"

* there would be no hoops to jump through in order to exercise the right to vote

* geographic borders of voting districts would no longer be gerrymandered to favor political parties

* employers would no longer reduce work hours to avoid offering health insurance covers to employees

* minimum living wages would prevail eliminating the need for multiple jobs for parents

* there would be adequate food or all

* justice would prevail in the distribution of national wealth

* universal health insurance would assist all

* concern for the welfare of workers and their families would win out over greedy protection of profit margin

* homelessness would not be a crime and everyone would have an affordable home

* there would be easy access to service across the spectrum for those who need them

These were just the tip of the iceberg. These discussions enriched my appreciation for all those who have worked so hard to support promotion of governmental programs to achieve these goals. It seems who owe a huge debt of gratitude to Senator Bernie Sanders' campaign. He took on a giant and forged ahead. He and his followers have truly made a difference.

At the end Sr. Simone directed us to cultivate these

"Necessary Virtues"

- Joy, an attitude that is contagious, opens doors, encourages communication and makes change possible

- Holy Curiosity, make it a point to look and to listen being contemplative in your observation of the world, people and events around you

- Responsibility for Sacred Gossip, engage in conversation wherever and with whomever you can on the bus, in the doctor's waiting room, on line at the supermarket asking how people are doing, what they are thinking

- Doing Your Part, whatever you can knowing that even the smallest actions have the power to change the whole

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