Saturday, June 23, 2007

Solemnity of St. John the Baptist - Sunday June 24

Feast Day of Sister Moira Quinn
of the Lamb of God

We rejoice with Sister Moira today and thank our loving God for her presence in our community. Junior in age but not experience, she is our immediate past prioress for six years and now serves as vicar or sub-prioress. She is an accomplished artist, liturgical dancer and party planner extraordinaire. She was a professional hairdresser and helps to keep us looking well-clipped and neatly coiffed by the generosity of her talent. And you may have noticed that she is a published author too. Her novel, Here I Am, displays her creative imagination, the depth of her faith and hints at aspects of her own contemplative journey. Moira is an inspiration in so many ways; as a cancer survivor, as a most willing and giving sister in community, as a Redemptoristine daughter of Maria Celeste Crostarosa faithfully pursuing the ideal of being a living memory of Jesus Christ.

Sister Moira is also a gift to her parents, a faithful support and willing ear to her three sisters and three brothers-in-law, and loving aunt to eight nieces and nephews.

While she serves as menu planner, food shopper and sometimes cook and helps to steer us along by membership on the Prioress's Council, she is also serving as Chairperson of the Metropolitan Association of Contemplative Communities. In this effort she is extending forty years of this organization's history of providing a vehicle for mutual support, continuing education and religious formation for contemplatives in NYC tri-state area. And did I say she can sing too?

Sister Moira, many blessings to you and yours today and prayers for all of the special intentions you hold close to your heart as you live each day in the heart of our Redeemer.

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