Sunday, July 01, 2007

Contemplative Nuns in the Hudson River Valley

If you've checked out the national weather scene these last few days you know that here in the northeast we have been blessed with a string of three glorious early summer days. For part of my monthly personal retreat day yesterday, I stationed myself in a grove of majestic pines. From this spot I could see the medieval appearing roof line of Mt. St. Alphonsus Retreat Center, its castle-like parapets overlooking the river. I could feel the breeze , smell the aroma of pine needles, and feel them gently land in my lap. After praying the Liturgy of the Hours, I wrote in my journal and then just let the atmosphere carry me into that solitude of the heart where God may speak. It was a blessed day.

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Barbara said...

I suspect having a retreat day each month enhances its specialness, sort of like a tryst with God. One looks forward to it, plans ahead, savours it afterwards. It is a blessing to have that as part of your contemplative practice.