Thursday, April 24, 2008

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Links to Videos of Pope's Visit

A number of readers have provided a link to video on MSNBC of Pope Benedict's remarks before the final blessing at St. Patrick's Cathedral. Here is the link:

Text of the Pope's Remarks

"At this moment I can only thank you for your love of the Church and Our Lord, and for the love which you show to the poor Successor of Saint Peter. I will try to do all that is possible to be a worthy successor of the great Apostle, who also was a man with faults and sins, but remained in the end the rock for the Church. And so I too, with all my spiritual poverty, can be for this time, in virtue of the Lord’s grace, the Successor of Peter.

It is also your prayers and your love which give me the certainty that the Lord will help me in this my ministry. I am therefore deeply grateful for your love and for your prayers. My response now for all that you have given to me during this visit is my blessing, which I impart to you at the conclusion of this beautiful Celebration."

Reader in Jerusalem

Dina, an archaeologist in Jerusalem, has left a few comments. Her blog address:

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Dina said...

Shalom dear sister,
I must say, it is an honor that you mention me here right after Pope Benedict, in the same post! :) Here in Israel he is called by the Hebrew name Baruch. (Really. I heard it from the mouth of the Custos of the Holy Land himself during a Mass.)

BTW, must confess, I dig at excavations but have not formally studied archaeology.
Blessings to you all on all that the 25th means to you.