Saturday, April 19, 2008

With Pope Benedict XVI

Ticket to the Pope's Mass at Yankee Stadium

Great Excitement Prevails

These have been heady days for the Catholic Church in the Untied States but particularly heady for us here in the Archdiocese of New York. Our community of contemplative nuns has been keeping pace with the Pope every step of the way and listening with great interest to his messages. It is especially meaningful to see our Pope in places and with so many people familiar to us. St. Patrick's Cathedral is not a tourist attraction to those of us born and raised in the diocese. It is, rather, our home away from from home. Grand as it is we are comfortable there. Just two months ago a few of us were in the Cathedral along with 1200 religious to celebrate the Bi-centennial of of the Diocese of New York.

Today two of our sisters, Paula and Maria Paz, left the monastery at 4:45am to travel with a group of local priests and deacons to the Cathedral in Manhattan. We spotted them in the crowd at the Mass. Our red habits stick out just a bit. We look forward to their return late this afternoon and having them share their first hand experience with us. It was a perfect day to be walking up Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Tomorrow Sr. Lydia and I will board one of two buses traveling from a local parish to Yankee Stadium. Security is very tight. We cannot bring in a thing except a small purse and a still camera - no water, food, video cameras, etc. Your name is attached to your ticket and cannot be handed off to anyone else.

Perhaps tomorrow I will be able to share some photos and personal impressions.

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Dina said...

Yes, it must be very exciting now with the Pope in America. Thanks for keeping us in the picture.
Blessings to you from Jerusalem.