Thursday, May 22, 2008

A New Link on this Blog

A Great Liturgy Resource

The Internet is an amazing instrument of social and informational connection. If you check comments here you have noted that Dina in Jerusalem is a regular reader. That amazes me and I am grateful. Now an Anglican priest in New Zealand has tripped over this small site. He contacted me and brought me attention to his absolutely wonderful web page focusing on liturgy in general and the Liturgy of the Hours in particular. Here is the link: . Reverend Bosco Peters, married and father of two teenagers, is devoted not only to informing good liturgical practice but most particularly to encouraging praying of the Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office) for all Christians. This is a cause I have believed in for a long time. Years ago I wrote a lengthy history of the Liturgy of the Hours for a graduate course. Its title was The People's Office. I have taught this material to parish groups and instructed them on use of the the breviary. Just recently I had began to think about offering a course here at the monastery as I am told that there is rising interest in this prayer among the laity.

Rev. Peters' site is truly comprehensive. Catholics, do not shy away because he is an Anglican priest. He is very attentive to ecumenical issues, has links to many Catholic sites, and provides a vast array of liturgical resources. In addition, Rev. Peters is fun. There is a segment on his site called "The Naked Liturgist". I think he assigned this provocative title because in regard to liturgy his believe is that 'less is more.' When I clicked on "The Naked Liturgist" last night I was treated to a very tongue in cheek bit about the placement of announcements in the Mass. Admittedly, I had to get in to the New Zealander speech patterns and the dry British-type humor, but then I had to laugh. I think you will too. Rev. Peters seems to have sound ideas about allowing the special moments of the Eucharistic Liturgy to have their full and potent effect by letting them stand alone - less is more.

So today I have added Bosco Peters' web site to the list in the side bar as Liturgy - Liturgy of the Hours Resources. Give yourself adequate time to explore the site. He tells me he has over 700 pages of information and links, not to mention photos of monasteries, slide shows and videos. Have fun!

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Great link! Thanks so much!
Eleanor, OCSO