Saturday, May 10, 2008

We beseech you, O Holy Spirit,

that we maybe filled, O Love, with your love,
in order to understand the canticle of love...
Draw us therefore unto yourself, O Holy Spirit;
O Holy Paraclete, O Holy Comforter, comfort the poverty of our
solitude which seeks no solace apart from you.
Enlighten and quicken the desire of of one who
tends toward you,
that it may become the love of one having fruition of you.
Come to us that we may truly love you,
that whatever we think and say may flow
from the fountainhead of your love.
May he canticle of your love be read by us in such a way
as to kindle in us love itself.
Yes, may love itself show us the meaning
of its own canticle.

From the Exposition on the Song of Songs
William of St. Thierry
Preface - 4

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