Saturday, June 14, 2008

Museum Features Historic Holy Places

Redemptoristine exhibit at the Klyne Esopus Museum, Route 9W south of Port Ewen, New York
(Exit 18 off Thruway, turn right onto Rt. 299 to end - turn left onto on Rt. 9W north - 5+ mi. museum on left)

The Klyne Esopus Museum which strives to document the history of our area of the mid-Hudson River valley is currently featuring an exhibit concerning the many religious institutions here. They were especially eager to document the numerous religious institutions often referred to as "monastery row," a section on the west side of the river from Ulster Park to Esopus. These include, running from the south to the north, Mother Cabrini Home, the Christian Brothers, Holy Cross Episcopal Monastery, the Marist Brothers and Mount St. Alphonsus. The last is the former Redemptorist seminary, now a retreat center, and also the location of our monastery.

The large photo above is a collection of Redemptoristine memorabilia which is on loan to the museum. The items beginning with the doll and moving clockwise are:

* original Redemptoristine habit of red, white and blue - blue mantles worn in choir (we continue to wear dark red with optional black veil)

* crown of roses received at Solemn profession (we retain this custom)

* white candle received at first profession (we retain this custom)

* excerpt from solemn profession ritual explaining all of the items received on that occasion

* Breviary - Liturgy of the Hours sung in Gregorian Chant (we continue to sing the Office but with new chant tones)

* a Redemptorist Mission Cross received at first profession (each of us has one of these beautiful crosses which is customarily placed on ones bed)

* Rosary which was part of the original habit

* "Bon Gesu", an oval painted portrait of Christ the Redeemer which was worn in the center of the scapular which was part of the original habit (today we wear a pin or a hanging emblem of the Holy Redeemer)

* photo of a Redemptoristine nun at her solemn profession

* a card used by the priest during Mass with particular prayers (no longer used)

We were delighted to have our community of contemplative nuns included in this impressive reflection of the religious history of our area. We learned a great deal about our neighbors and hope that all who visit the museum and learn about us will come to visit and experience a bit of our life first hand.


Dowager K said...

Interesting. I would like to see the exhibit. Where is this museum - I am in Orange County and do not know Ulster well.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, all the things you abandoned!