Sunday, November 21, 2010

Last Sunday of Ordinary Time

Solemnity of Christ the King

Christ the King! What does "king" mean to me today? Living in a 21st century democratic society does not offer much in the way of context in which to consider the term. If historical perspective is applied, the title of "king" brings to mind words like rule, reign, authority, power and lord. These terms get slightly bent these days by our American preoccupation with the current British royals.

Today I prefer to meditate on the title of Christ as King through the lens of the benevolence; the care, concern, and protection offered by the good king or queen to the people entrusted to them. Having equal weight with power, this benevolence was called the 'divine right of kings'.

In knowledge of this great benevolence, we accept Jesus Christ as the King of our hearts; the principal director of our lives who invites us to constant converstion of heart through which we grow our own brand of human benevolence in accord with the Gospel of Love preached by Jesus.

This interpretation is fostered in our Redemptoristine contemplative life by the formal Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus which we will pray as a community following Vespers this evening. The image of the Sacred Heart speaks of the benevolence of true kings; and of true followers of Jesus.

Please remember us in prayer today - "Pro Orantibus Day" - a day of prayer for those who pray; for all the communities of contemplative nuns and monks around the globe whose apostolic work is to be a praying presence before the throne of God. Thank you.

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