Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Redemptoristine International Meeting

General Assembly 2011

Unlike congregations of apostolic (active) religious sisters which have general governments presiding over all their missions and regulations, contemplative nuns belong to orders consisting of autonomous (independent) monasteries where the prioess and her council have authority in accordance with a rule (constitution and statutes) observed by the entire order. Knowing that this is more legal trivia than most want to know about, I will only add that in addition to the differences above sisters take simple vows, whereas nuns take solemn vows. 

This is to explain the nature of our  Order's General Assemblies. Representatives of the monasteries of the Order around the world come together, usually in Rome with the assistance of our Redemptorist brothers, every seven to ten years. It is only in such assemblies that our rule can be amended by vote. But these meetings are also a vehicle for communication and part of the unifying cement that holds us together as an Order in spite of the lack of a governing superstructure. We come together in the spirit of our charism - to a be a living memory of Christ the Redeemer - knowing that to the extent that we cultivate unity in a spirit of mutual charity we can mirror the 'peaceable Kingdom' in this time and place.

We are currently planning for a General Assemble, hoping that it will take place in 2011. Therefore we have begun to pray for the planning process and for the fruit of the Assembly. This prayer card was designed by our Sr. Moria. It incorporates a photo of a statue of Jesus on the grounds of our monastery in Foggia, Italy near the Adriatic coast  and a logo designed by the prioress of the Dublin monastery, Sr. Gabrielle Fox. Perhaps you will join us in praying for this intention.  

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