Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

Mother of Perpetual Help Monastery
Redemptoristine Nuns
Esopus, New York
Mother Mary
Calls to Me

In times of trouble Mother Mary calls to me. She reminds me of her presence, of her motherhood, of her human experience, of her presence at the foot of the cross and in the upper room. These days we have been asked by our Redemptorist brothers to join them in a novena to Mother Mary under her title of Mother of Perpetual Help. This is a special appeal to our Mother for the ravaged people and land of Haiti. Or Redemptorists and our Redemptoristine nuns report the devastation, disease and great hardship. Please join us in our appeal to Mother Mary on this her great feast.

Prayer for Haiti

O Mother of Perpetual Help.
your name inspires confidence.
We come to you in our need and ask your help.
You are the Patroness of the people of Haiti.
In this moment of affliction,
in solidarity with our brothers and sisters,
we pray for an end to the cholera epidemic
ravaging your children.
Bring them healing, comfort and peace.
Sustain them in this hour of darkness.
Help them to know the presence of
God-with-us, Emmanuel,
your Son and our Redeemer.


Sister Marie said...

Happy Feast Sister. Today my community, founded by a Redemptorist priest, celebrated our feast day by renewing our vows at Mass. I check your blog frequently and I really enjoy it. Please keep me in your prayers and know of my prayers for you.

Anonymous said...

Nice covert tribute.