Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Have some time to give away?

Many Programs and
Organizations Looking for
a Few Good Women and Men

You might think that as the Vocation Director for our contemplative monastic community I wouldn't be pointing to other avenues of service to God, the Church and the world. But it was our Prioress who passed this booklet on to me because sometimes those who think they have a religious vocation to enclosed contemplative life need to have an experience of active apostolic ministry in order to make an informed discernment.

But I am also passing this information on because I know that there a lot of high school grads these days who think its a great idea to take a sabbatical year before entering college. They also want to make it pay off as a positive contribution to society and a good looking addition to the college application, maybe even a topic for the essay.

And there just may be some folk out there contemplating retirement but not ready for the rocking chair.

This booklet is a directory of volunteer opportunities across the country and around the world. It was produced by the St. Vincent Pallotti Center for Apostolic Development, Inc. Their motto is "Inspiring volunteer service, strengthening faith and community." Check out their website. Request a copy of the directory for someone in your family, for the guidance office of your high school, or for the Religious Education Office of your parish. And how about you? One of these opportunities could be your next adventure, your next response to the mysterious invitations issued by God.

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