Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finding Buried Treasure

Today I took advantage of the presence of my youngest son to carry out still more archaeological investigation in  the home my parents have enjoyed for 45 years. In these last weeks I have found my baby blanket, the comb, toy and collar of a dog laid to rest 50 years ago, my sister's communion veil and an exquisitely beaded evening bag first used by my grandmother.

On the top linen closet shelf Andrew found a cardboard box from Bonwit  Teller carefully tied with string. Resting in a nest of tissue paper was the top of my parents' wedding cake - August 3, 1943. Also in the box was memorabilia of my mother's graduation from the High School of Industrial Arts in January of that year. Among these momentos was the wedding invitation for the original planned date of July 6. When permission for my father's leave from the Army Air Corps was withdrawn the wedding was hastily rescheduled. We also found the invitation to Mom's sweet sixteen party and various certificates from schools attended in Brooklyn, NY.
The cake topper reflects how much World War II influenced culture and society. Note the red, white and blue ribbon in a "V for Victory" touch and groom in uniform indicating his branch of the armed forces.
Also discovered today were the Kodachrome 2 x 2 inch slides of our family's 3-month trip to Europe in 1961. Under the most demanding direction of my father we hand mounted the film between 2 layers of thin glass and taped the edges so that less of the image would be lost than is the case with cardboard mounted slides. These illustrated many travel log presentations. Perhaps we will find a way to have such outstanding photos digitized for future enjoyment.
What shall we do with all of these treasures? Wonder how this wartime cake topper would be valued on "Antiques Roadshow". Do know that it is priceless to us.
I am still looking for the Belgian lace cathedral length veil first worn by my aunt in 1928; used by my mother in 1943 and then again by me in 1967. Will be sure to photograph that gem.

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Garpu said...

That veil sounds incredible...Is it the one in the picture to the side?