Monday, February 11, 2013

Responding to Comments

Thanks for reading, posting comments and offering a "welcome back".

Yes, I too am trying to resist the tendency to refer in one way or another to the 'good old days'. My own parents are living examples of that tendency and offer many reminders that any argument will go over better without wandering down memory lane, unless, that is, you are explicitly asked to take the stroll. I am consoled in knowing that this tendency is not limited to Baby Boomers. From ancient times each generation has fallen into the trap of harkening to former glories.
Yes, I am on a sort of leave of absence in response to family need. Over the years a few other sisters in my community have had to take time away for similar reasons so this work of mercy is definitely not without precedent. It is the fruit of honest discernment with ones superior who in turn will consult with the diocesan Vicar for Religious. I am the oldest of two siblings but my sister works full time. So there you have it. My gratitude to my community is great. But I am eager to spend time with them and am searching for the right person to spell me as caregiver.
By all means do add me to your list on Facebook. The "Redemptoristine Nuns of New York" also have a community page on FB and you are welcome to add it to your friends list.
Cannot leave this tonight without mentioning the big news of the day, the retirement of Pope Benedict XVI. What a surprise to hear about it first thing in the morning. His wisdom is to be admired and appreciated. He has served long and well and is clearly no longer able to sustain the effort required to deal with all that is challenging the Church  and the People of God in these days. Let us all pray that the Holy Spirit will do a mighty work among those entrusted with selecting new leadership so that the love and compassion of the Father revealed in the Paschal Mystery of the Son will be known and felt in every human heart and all of creation.

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