Sunday, September 08, 2013

Another Boomer Challenge

Invitation envelope seal

Invitation cover - Senate House, Kingston - Wedding location

All art the creation of Matthew Pleva
So, as it turns out we Baby Boomers are also, on occasion, referred to as "the sandwich generation"; the generation living well beyond middle age with the generation before them and their own 'begats' simultaneously calling for attention. The lives of many of my friends are bracketed by elderly parents on one side and on the other by young adult children who, even if independent and making their way through the world, require attention, if only to keep those wonderful relationships going.
Sometimes it is all a bit much and the tugs from opposite poles a bit uncomfortable. I continue to ride out a demanding time as I look after my 89 year old mother who is in an assisted living facility. But in my case, at this time the tug from the other end is just to share in the joy of lives moving on. Next month my middle son Matthew, will wed Heidi with whom he has lived for about five years. They've resisted the idea of legal marriage for so long and admit that they have finally surrendered, will put aside their resistance and take the plunge.

Thus the wedding invitation pictured here. And this is another feature of the sandwich generation; adjustment to an entirely different way of doing things so different that one can wonder, "Didn't I raise this child?" Well I raised one creative child who found a beautiful kindred soul. They love each other and I love them.
Upon full opening - one hears the military theme music from "South Park",
a take-off of the march from "Les Mis"
(Note that the Senate House was burned by the British in 1776)

Below are the theme related invitation inserts.


Marsha B West said...

Darling! And Sr. Hildegard, you are a magnificent mother! There's all kinds of surrendering required these days from parents and grandparents - and it often involves our expectations for our progeny. So I will treasure this new move in your family (and hope the vibes reach out to some of my own grandchildren!)

julia said...

You should be one proud Mama. I just love the entire invitation- the theme and the reality which is all God ever really asks us is to surrender to his love. You did good.