Sunday, September 15, 2013

Baby on the Way

Does not include all that was delivered at home by Amazon
But did I tell you that a month after the wedding a new grandchild will arrive? No, the bride is not pregnant. The baby will be born to my already married youngest son Andrew and his wife Teresa.
So this is how it goes: June move to new monastery; July Mom goes from assisted living to hospital, to nursing home; August Mom is returned to assisted living; September baby shower; October middle son marries; November new grandchild arrives. Whew! Makes me tired just to write all of that.

Teresa and friend both very pregnant
Shower was lovely and so generously presented by two of Teresa's friends and attended by many more. It was an at-home shower which  allowed for meeting everybody including the three dear darling newborns who came along with their moms. I got my baby fix complete with breast milk spit up but who cares. Babies smell sooo good.
No not cupcakes - baby washcloths
Best of all was that the setting offered an opportunity to chat with my two daughters-in-law and the one-to-be without the usual interruptions; the four of us talking about the guys they love who happen to be my sons. I heard some very nice things.
Oh, did I mention that I am excited about this baby? Hope its a girl.
Kim, Jonathan's wife and Heidi, Matthew's wife-to-be
Everyone busy adding their designs to new little onesies

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