Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Lord is Risen, Alleluia!

Rejoice, heavenly powers!

Sing choirs of angels!

Exult all creation around God's throne!

Jesus Christ, our King, is risen!

Sound the trumpet of salvation!

Rejoice, O earth, in shinning splendor,

radiant in the brightness of your King!

Christ has conquered, glory fills you!

Darkness vanishes forever!

Exultet of Easter Vigil Liturgy

It is a profound privilege for our community of contemplative nuns to have had a complete daily horarium of prayer and all of the liturgies of Holy Week in our monastery. We are deeply indebted to the Very Reverend Father Patrick Woods, Provincial of the Baltimore Province of the Redemptorist Congregation of the Holy Redeemer as the principal celebrant at our Triduum liturgies. His homilies speak words from his heart and they enter ours most touchingly, inspiring faith, encouraging perseverance, and always pointing to the incredible redeeming love of Jesus Christ. At this evening's Easter Vigil, Father Woods was joined by Father Dennis Billy, Professor at the Redemptorist Alphonisanum in Rome. Father Dennis is a great friend of our community. Tomorrow he will celebrate Easter morning mass for us and our guests.

Our days of Holy Week Retreat began on Wednesday. Days of limited work (but Holy week is always busy in a monastery as in a local parish), silent meals, ample time to sit with the Word, to ponder its meaning, to open oneself the words God wishes them to speak in our hearts - all of this prepares us for the wonder and mystery of this day of all days. We can truly say, "O Happy fault."

Father Woods' direction to us at the close of the Vigil was that just as we had tried to keep the forty days of Lent well, we should celebrate the fifty days of Easter tide with equal dedication. Alleluia!


Jane R said...

Thank you, Hildegarde, and blessings for this Easter season -- as you remind us, it is a whole season!

Good to visit your blog. Peace to you and your community.

Jane (from Sister-L)
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Lisa said...

Easter blessings in abundance! Your blog is a beautiful resource for contemplating the sacred and holy within and around us.

Barbara said...

Alleluia! And let's all keep that happy thought that Father Woods shared with you at the close of Vigil. Happy Easter season!

bleeeeeeeeeeeeeee said...
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