Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Surrendering pride of place,
once omnipotent snow
now sun-kissed crystalline blue,
retreats from winter redoubt
powerless before silent encroachment;
spring's relentless heated embrace.

Resisting vulnerability,
icy shield gives way unevenly.
Soft edges rounded,
certain revelation of true terrain beneath,
bringing to day's light
every jagged rock and gnarled old-growth clump;
each faint memory of bloom long passed.

So too in silent seasons of the heart
a passionate kiss of the Sun
melts icy shield,
winter redoubt of delicate Self,
exposing features of fleshy terrain
wounded and scarred, defeated or crowned.

The Sun, finding all irresistible,
presses the human heart to eager lips.
The kiss of His mouth,
radiant, healing heat;
springtime of the Lover's ardor
for every war-torn soul.

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