Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Dark and Rainy Day

At this time of year differences in day time and night time temperatures often produce a morning landscape seemingly conjured for special effect in this 'spooky' season. Sometimes the mist literally rolls up the hillside from the river, passing across the meadow, around and over us, eventually leaving the sunshine a straight and clear path. But today was not one of those. The mist prevailed and rain came pouring down on and off throughout the day. But even grey sky is suitable contrast for the yellow and gold leaves that remain on the trees much longer than in years passed. Soon a shift in the weather and a brisk north wind will mean their downfall.

The masthead photo was taken just before dusk when grey clouds briefly moved away and, at least in some places, the sun could do its fancy work, playing over the colorful hillsides. Inspite of the raindrops that kissed the window, I could not resist trying the camera and using its zoom action to focus on the mighty river. 

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