Friday, October 16, 2009

Feast of Redemptorist Saint

St. Gerard Majella, Religious

St. Gerard is the best-known of all the Redemptorist saints and blesseds. Those who pray for pregnant women and nursing mothers are familiar with this patron. He was a most devoted and determined follower of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer and a loyal son of St. Alphonsus. He has always been a favorite of Redemptoristines because he was a great friend to our foundress, Maria Celeste Crostarosa. St. Alphonsus gave express permission for Gerard to correspond with and visit Maria Celeste in Foggia, Italy. It is a long story which is covered elsewhere in the blog and at our website. Maria Celeste was forced to leave the community which was living under her inspire rule and eventually founded a new monastery in Foggia. It is testimony to the respect St. Alphonsus still held for her that he gave Gerard permission to continue his relationship with her.

For a more detailed biography and a wonderful video by Fr. Corriveau, a Redemptorist go to their website at http://ww.redemptorists,net/saints-gerard.cfm

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