Saturday, October 31, 2009

WELCOME to All Comments from the Peanut Gallery

Oops! does that title date me. For the clueless, the "peanut gallery" was the place were little kids sat on stage to watch the Howdy Doody Show which was filmed live back in the early 1950s. Here's the Howdy Doody puppet with his friend Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring. How do I remember that? The host of the show was Buffalo Bob!

Anyway, this is to remind you of your ability to leave a comment after reading any posts to this blog. Just click on the word "comments" under the post. A drop down menu will appear. Type in your comment and e-mail address if your are asked for it. Then your are asked to choose an identity. Easiest is Name/URL or Annonymous. Don't worry about the URL business. You can leave it blank. Then click on Publish.

Another hint: Your comment will not show immediately. It gets sent to me so that I can read it and decide whether to publish to the blog or not. This feature protects me an you from potential embarrassment.

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I look forward to hearing from more of you.


Justine B said...

I had no idea that the term "peanut gallery" came from that show!!!!!! Who Knew!!!!!!
Thanks for the beautiful fall pics !!!!! It is great to see the view out of your community room windows at this time of year!!! Hope you all are having a great halloween!!!

Barbara said...

You bring back memories, Sister! Who could forget Clarabelle the clown? And wasn't there a Chief Thunderthud?

I would also like to thank you for the lovely fall photos. It is a glorious season, isn't it?