Thursday, October 22, 2009

Procession of the Fall Season

One Picture at a Time

Perhaps this is the time of the year when I most appreciate our location in the Hudson River Valley. When I was a kid I did not believe the teachers in my elementary school who spoke of leaves turning red and gold in this season of the year. I never saw a red or gold leaf in Brooklyn! A perk of my religious vocation has been to live it out in this place, to view daily the procession of nature's annual round in this blessed territory. I will be posting new photos of the same view from a monastery window in the masthead of this blog every few days. I hope you will enjoy this representation of the movement of God's creating hand over the land and waters. By the way, the bit of blue seen top left in the masthead photograph is the mighty Hudson River. Gradually more and more of it will be revealed. 

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Jan O'Brien, ANG said...

I grew up in the Hudson Valley and while I always loved its beauty, I never understood that there were places where such breath-taking scenery was absent. Your photos are one of the things I love the most about your blog--always makes me smile with gratitude. Thanks!